Takisha S. Johnson

Speaker, Life and Business Empowerment Coach, Facilitator

Reclaim Your Power & Empower Your Future After Trauma

Speaker, Life and Business Empowerment Coach, Facilitator | Trauma Recovery Coach


Takisha Certification

Speaking Topics

Removing the Negative Imprint

This offering helps individuals to:

  • Address the trauma of the past
  • Change their narrative from victim to victor
  • Reclaim their power to press toward the purpose
    of their pain

The Profile of A Champion

This offering helps individuals to:

  • Live healed, don’t just talk about it
  • Break the chains of unforgiveness
  • Feel worthy of the self care needed to reach your
    highest potential

Empowered Youth Advocacy

This offering helps individuals to:

  • Support Youth Voice
  • Empower Youth Success
  • Focus on your WHY and for Whom

*Other Topics available upon request


Takisha Johnson was born and raised in Chicago, IL and has also traveled to many destinations around the world. She is an entrepreneur owning multiple businesses, and is a nonprofit founder.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is both a Master Certified life and professional coach and Kolbe Certified Coach. Takisha is the Champion of the Scars in her life, having overcome sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and many other scars of her past. She has allowed nothing to deflate her purpose and has mastered the art of letting go.

Takisha speaks from a place of empathy and can connect with anyone who is ready to make change. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Are you ready to Champion Your Scars?

Just as a Phoenix rises from the flames of what was meant to destroy it, so can we.


Author of “Removing the Negative Imprint: Sexual Abuse and other Trauma”

A personal workbook that walks you through the process the author has taken to remove the negative imprint of her abuse. Using the stages of grief as a guide, she walks you through the process of letting the old victim die and champion rise.

Takisha Johnson headline speaker at the elevation conference | Letting go to elevate workshop

Headline Speaker at “The Elevation Conference”

Takisha Johnson was a headline speaker at the 2024 Elevation Conference, where she delivered her inspiring workshop – Letting Go to Elevate.

Access the workshop in its entirety by clicking the button below.